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1. EMEE-Toolkits


Toolkit 1: Making Europe visible
Toolkit 1 is dedicated to the COP 1, i.e. the Change of Perspective referring to the re-interpretation of a museum’s existing object collection. At its very heart lie the development of European and trans-national perspectives and the demonstration of the close links between local, regional, national and European levels of meanings of objects by using multi-perspective forms of presentation. However, the intention is not to replace regional and national perspectives on cultural heritage by ‘European’ perspectives. Rather, the goal is to deconstruct unilinear interpretations for the benefit of ‘multilayered meanings’ that can enrich the understanding of the cultural heritage.




Toolkit 2: Integrating Multicultural Europe (Social Arena)
The Toolkit provides an idea of the museum as a public, noncommercial space that offers possibilities for people to meet, to discuss and to get in touch with the cultural heritage. It shows how these enhanced functions of museums can be used for presenting and discussing trans-regional and European topics especially regarding current issues and present-day problems. In that way, it contributes to integrating multicultural Europe.




Toolkit 3: Bridging the Gap. Activation, Participation and Role Modification
The Toolkit deals with the development of different levels of the participation and activation of the visitor (for example hands-on, minds-on, user-generated exhibitions, guided tours conceptualized in the form of a dialogue, participation of different focus groups in the museum work, etc.). It develops programmes to encourage non-visitor groups to get to know the museum’s world. It also provides best practice examples with a focus on trans-regional/European topics.




Toolkit/Sketchbook 4: Synaesthetic Translation of Perspectives
The Toolkit offers ideas how to present different perspectives not only as text but by means of designing the space, including ideas how to use music, light or even scent. It translates perspectives into other ‘languages’ and allows visitor participation.






Toolkit 5: Social Web and Interaction
The Toolkit shows that the social web can be used not only for public relations but also for interaction (museum with visitors, museum with non-visitors, visitors among themselves, museum with other institutions). With this Toolkit, visitors and other interested persons will be given a possibility to get involved with the museum’s topics, to discuss, to exchange ideas, to reflect on exhibitions, etc. It offers ideas how to integrate the possibilities of web 2.0 in exhibitions in order to promote more visitor participation.




Toolkit 6: European Perspectives on Museum Objects. Selected Examples on the Change of Perspective
The EMEE team designed 33 so-called ‘Exemplary COP-Units’ that bring together the five Toolkits in order to demonstrate how the concept of Change of Perspective can be applied to the respective museum objects (or object groups). They serve as an illustration of how to apply the comprehensive concept of Change of Perspective to the museum practice. Toolkit 6 presents ten selected examples of these 33 ‘Exemplary COP-Units’.





2. EMEE Workshops


PLEASE NOTE: Each workshop can be downloaded as a ZIP file. To unpack ZIP files, an unpacking program is needed which can be downloaded as shareware, e.g. WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip. There are several platforms for free download in the web.

Read First/ General Introduction [ Download ]


1. One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions [ Download ]


2. Museums as Social Arena  [ Download ]


3. Activation, Participation and Role Modification [ Download ]


4. How to Use Scenography for the Synaesthetic Translation of Perspectives? [ Download ]


5.  Social Web and Interaction [ Download ]


6. Change of Perspective by Involvement of New Audiences and Artists [ Download ]


7. Scenography – the Potential to Provoke a Change of Perspective [ Download ]



3. Study Module


PLEASE NOTE: Each part of the study module can be downloaded as a ZIP file. To unpack ZIP files, an unpacking program is needed which can be downloaded as shareware, e.g. WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip. There are several platforms for free download in the web.

Study module – Intro [Download]

Lecture 1: Europe in the museum – Historical developments and current trends [Download]

Lecture 2: The EMEE project and its key concepts: ‘Europeanization’ and ‘Change of Perspective’ [Download]

Lecture 3: Eight ways to re-interpret museums objects from European/transregional perspectives [Download]

Lecture 4: Integrating multicultural Europe: Museums as Social Arenas [Download]

Lecture 5: Integrating multicultural Europe: Museums as Social Arenas [Download]

Lecture 6: Bridging the gap: Activation, participation and role modification [Download]

Lecture 7: Bridging the gap: Classwork Tool [Download]

Lecture 8: How to use scenography for the syaesthetic translation of perspectives [Download]

Lecture 9: How to use scenography for the syaesthetic translation of perspectives [Download]

Lecture 10: Social web and interaction [Download]

Lecture 11: The non-visitor [Download]

Lecture 12: Exemplary Units [Download]

Lecture 13: EuroVision Lab. ‘One object – Many visions – EuroVisions’ [Download]

Lecture 14: Final presentation [Download]

Lecture 15: Final presentation and reflection [Download]




4. EMEE E-Book


In order to strengthen the availability and sustainability of the project and its results, the EMEE-team created an EMEE e-book that summarizes and brings together all theoretical foundations, activities, results and related materials of the project. This e-book is designed to cater to the needs of museum staff during their daily work and helps to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Antas, M., Ramos, M. and Feio, M. (red.) (2016), EUROVISION – Museums Exhibiting Europe (EMEE). The E-Book, ed. by the EMEE consortium, available online: https://www.museums-exhibiting-europe.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/EMEE-E-book.pdf, Accessed 16 December 2016.






5. The EU Project ‘Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE): Ideas, Results, Outlooks


At the end of the project, a final brochure consisting of 154 pages was published. It offers not only a vivid summary of the project goals, the theoretical background, the working process and the results, but it also offers information on the (very positive) results of the evaluations. On top, on the basis of experiences made during the project, the brochure provides recommendations to stakeholders and policy-makers in order to show that there is further need for action in the areas ‘common cultural heritage in Europe’, ‘the emergence of European citizenship and inter-cultural dialogue‘ and ‘trans-national cooperation‘.

Schumann, J., Popp, S., Mayer-Simmet, O., Schilling, S. and Wolf, D. (2016), The EU Project ‘Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE): Ideas, Results, Outlooks, Vienna: edition mono/monochrom.





6. EMEE Catalogues


Young Scenographers Contest – Catalogue
The catalogue of the travelling exhibition of the EMEE Young Scenographers Contest  presents the competition shortlist of 29 projects that were evaluated during the jury meeting: the winners (place 1-4), the 1st runner up (place 5-11) and the 2nd runner up (place 12-29). It aims to give an insight into the creative and sophisticated design concepts of the international participants coming from different disciplines. The catalogue accompanies the exhibition that presents the eleven best projects of the contest – the winners and the 1st runner up – to an international public, and that is travelling to different European cities: Ljubljana, Sofia, Lisbon, Paris, Brussels and Basel.


EuroVision Lab. Catalogue of the first experimental exhibition Ljubljana/Slovenia – September 2016
This catalogue reflects the Slovene EuroVision Lab. implemented by the National Museum of Contemporary History in Ljubljana/ Slovenia and co-organized by further museums in Slovenia. It presents the process of preparing, implementing and evaluating the whole Lab.-phase and its results. The publication presents the objects shown in the exhibition and also describes the process of setting up a user generated exhibition in a museum.





7. Bridging the gap


Report on ACTIVITY 7: Joint development of intercultural concepts of ‘briding-the-social-gap to (non)-visitors’-acitivities

In 2013 the EMEE-project put into action intercultural concepts of ‘bridging-the-gap to non-visitors’ in close relation to the COP 2. Relations to non-visitor groups were established or updated as well as relations to professionals working in the cultural sector with a mediating role in the museum. The EMEE team implemented initial programmes enabling the visitors to articulate their perspective concerning objects and their country’s cultural heritage and present it as a contribution to the change of perspective in the museum.


Bridging the gap





8. Further EMEE publications for free download


Carvalho, A., Inácio, I. and Nunes, M.J. (2016) ‘O caso Campaniforme – Um objecto, muitas questões/ The Bell Beaker Affair – One Object, Many Questions’, in N.N. (ed) Sinos e taças. Junto ao Oceano e mais longe. Aspectos da presença campaniforme na Península Ibérica/Bells and Bowls, Near the Ocean and Far Away. About Beakers in the Iberian Peninsula. Livro de Resumos/Book of Abstracts, 28-29, Centro de Arqueologia da Universidade de Lisboa (UNIARQ). Workgroup on Ancient Peasant Societies (WAPS). Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa.





Nardi, E., Angelini, C. and Wintzerith, S. (ed) (2014), Change of Perspective. (New) Ideas for Presenting Museum Objects, ICOM Education 25, Roma: Edizioni Nuova Cultura.








Popp, S. and Schumann, J. (2011) ‘Reflections and Suggestions for the “Europeanization” of National and Regional History Museums’, jahrbuch – yearbook – annales (32), 203-216.






Popp, S. and Schumann, J. (2014) ‘Developing Trans-regional Perspectives in Museums’, jahrbuch – yearbook – annales (35), 209-222.






Schilling, S. (2016) ‘Change of Museums by Change of Perspective’, in K. J. Borowiecki, N. Forbes and A. Fresa (eds) Cultural Heritage in a Changing World, 145-162, London: Springer.






Yanakieva, S. (2015) ‘Interactive Lectures for Children with Special Educational Needs’, in N.N. (ed) Engaging tools for science education, 57-61, Sofia: N.N.










about EMEE meetings

Press release 15/09/2016: Final conference of the EU project ‘EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE), 27th-29th September 2016, Brussels/Belgium

        Press for download: [English]


Press release 09/02/2016: Fifth General Meeting of the EU project ‘EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE), 23rd-26th February 2016, Lisbon/Portugal

        Press for download: [English]


Press release 06/10/2015: Fifth Smaller Meeting of the EU project ‘EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE), 13th-16th October 2015, Paris/France

        Press for download: [English]


Press release 27/04/2015: Fourth General Meeting of the EU project ‘EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE), 5th-8th May 2015, Ljubljana/Slovenia

        Press for download: [English] [German]


Press release 12/02/2015: Fourth Smaller Meeting, 17th-19th February 2015, Basel/Switzerland

        Press for download: [English] [German]


Press release 28/10/2014: Third EMEE Smaller Meeting, 29th-31st October 2014, Stuttgart/Germany

        Press for download: [English]


Press release 30/05/2014: Third General Meeting of the EU Project ‘EuroVision. Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE) in Vienna, Austria

         Press for download:

         [English] [Bulgarian] [French] [German][Italian] [Portuguese] [Slovene]


Press release 12/02/2014: Second smaller meeting of the EU project ‘EuroVison. Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE) in Sofia, Bulgaria

Press for download: [English] [Bulgarian][French] [German] [Portuguese]


Press release 04/11/2013: Second general meeting of the EU project ‘EuroVison. Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE) in Rome, Italy

Press for download: [English] [German]


Press release 15/01/2013: Kick-off event for the EU project ‘EuroVision. Museums exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE) in Augsburg, Germany

Press for download:  [English] [German]


Press release 01/11/2012: One Object – Many Visions – EuroVision: Launch of the EU project ‘EuroVisions. Museums exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE)

Press for download: [English] [French] [Italian] [Bulgarian] [Slovene]





6th EMEE newsletter – October 2016

Press for Download: [English]

5th EMEE newsletter – September 2016

Press for Download: [English]

4th EMEE newsletter – July 2016

Press for Download: [English]

3rd EMEE newsletter – July 2015

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2nd EMEE newsletter – September 2014

Press for Download: [English]

1st EMEE newsletter – December 2013

Press for Download: [English]





Brochures available:


Welcome brochure ‘Welcome to the EMEE project’

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Flyer: Project Flyer ‘EMEE – EuroVision: Museums Exhibiting Europe’

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Flyer: ‘EuroVision Lab.’

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[EuroVision Lab. in Slovenia]

[EuroVision Lab. in Austria]

[EuroVision Lab. in France]

[EuroVision Lab. in Germany]

[EuroVision Lab. in Italy]



Flyer: ‘How to make Europe visible in cultural heritage. Five toolkits for EMEE museum development’

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Flyer: ‘Symposium One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions’

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Flyer: ‘Young Scenographers Contest’

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Flyer: ‘Young Scenographers Contest – Awarding Ceremony & Exhibition Opening’

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