After a Mapping Process the project develops innovative and creative concepts (tools) to realize the Change of Perspective as the key to ‘Europeanization’ of museum work.

These concepts will be provided online and on a trial base in the EuroVision Labs. of all participating partners.

Additionally COP workshops and study modules for further training purposes will be developed, which will implement the concept in practice. A European competition initiated by EMEE gives young scenographers a chance to develop creative ideas for the Change of Perspective in history museums. The result will be a touring exhibition that stimulates the project partners as well as the visitors.

EMEE initiates a European network for the Europeanisation of museums which in the course of the project shall be consolidated and expanded.

At the end of the project a video will document the working process and selected results. A guide to the Change of Perspective collects best practice examples developed by the partner organisations. The video, the guide and the concepts for the workshops guarantee the sustainability of the project’s results as they will be applied in university seminars (e.g. museum studies,  mediating culture studies), for education and training of museum experts and within the work of the museum.

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