Press release 09/02/2016: Fifth General Meeting of the EU project ‘EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE) in Lisbon/ Portugal, 23rd – 26th February 2016

LISBON | PORTUGAL – the partners of the international EU culture project ‘Eurovision – Museums Exhibiting Europe’ are coming together for the fifth general meeting at the National Museum of Archaeology, from 23 to 26 February 2016. The meeting is combined with an international ICOM Portugal conference dedicated to the EMEE project.

The fifth general meeting of the EMEE project partners – marking the start of the project’s final phase – will mainly focus on the so-called EuroVision Lab., a series of experimental exhibitions and events entitled ‘One Object – Many Visions – EuroVision’. The Lab. will be implemented in all seven EMEE partner institutions and put into practice the project results like the re-interpretation of local museum objects in a more European context and the modification of the traditional roles of museum experts and visitors.

The international ICOM Portugal conference ‘Museums: one object, many visions…’ takes place on 22 February and gathers high-ranking ICOM members for exchange on current topics concerning cultural heritage. Amongst others, Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz, president of ICOM International, Prof. Dr. Susanne Popp, coordinator of the EMEE project and Chair of History Didactics at Augsburg University, Prof. Emma Nardi PhD, president of ICOM-CECA International and Prof. Uwe Brückner, Atelier Brückner GmbH, will give keynote speeches. The attendancees will discuss the outcomes and future perspectives of the EMEE project.

Subsequent to this conference the successful travelling exhibition of the EMEE Young Scenographers Contest will be opened in the National Museum of Archaeology Lisbon as part of the Portuguese EuroVision Lab. It presents the best submissions of the international contest. The catalogue is available for free download here.

The internal part of the project meeting focuses on the so-called EuroVision Lab., an experimental series of exhibitions and events entitled ‘One Object – Many Visions – EuroVision’. The EuroVision Lab. is implemented in seven EMEE partner institutions and puts to the test the project’s outcomes. In parallel it conveys ways to a European, trans-regional re-interpretation of local museum objects and ideas for the implementation of the social arena concept in Museum and for audience development. Other main topics are the development of a study module that is intended to be used in the field of teacher training and museum experts as well as the development of an e-book that compiles all project outcomes in digital form and will be available online from October 2016 on.

With innovative and interdisciplinary concepts based on didactics of history, the museum project ‘EuroVision. Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE) – funded by the EU Culture Programme with 2 million euros – is intended to develop multi-perspective approaches for the Europeanisation of national and regional museums. Thereby, also especially those people who usually do not go to museums shall be convinced. New ways of representation, scenography and possibilities to participate help the visitors to discover transnational and European perspectives. At the same time, the project develops creative concepts for the ‘audience-development’ and tries to assign a new role to the museum as a ‘Social Arena’ within an increasingly multicultural society.
The EMEE project is coordinated by the Chair of History Didactics of AUGSBURG UNIVERSITY. Project partners are the NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGY MUSEUM in Lisbon (Portugal), the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY HISTORY in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the NATIONAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM in Sofia (Bulgaria), the ATELIER BRÜCKNER GMBH in Stuttgart (Germany), the art association MONOCHROM in Vienna (Austria), the ROMA TRE UNIVERSITY IN ROME (Italy) and the UNIVERSITY PARIS-EST CRÉTEIL – ESPE in Paris (France). Apart from the project partners, further museums and partners loosely associated with the project will be present at the meeting.



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