Altogether the project has five main work phases that are structured in a coherent process:

PHASE 1: Evaluation of the actual state of affairs at the beginning of the project (Mapping Process) and groundwork including the development of innovative and creative concepts (tools) to realise the Change of Perspective by dealing with objects representing history and historical narratives.

PHASE 2: Development of six basic Toolkits and Exemplary COP Units along with cultural events in order to encourage visitor participation and online presentation of the developed outcomes; development of a network of interested cultural workers and museums (associated partners).

PHASE 3: Hosting and evaluation of the EMEE Young Scenographers Contest under the title ‘One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions’, which results in a touring exhibition.

PHASE 4: Implementation of the EuroVision Labs. in all partner museums.

PHASE 5: Evaluation and documentation of the outcomes and the workflow of the project; measures to ensure sustainability including the European network for Europeanization and workshops to implement the Change of Perspective within the work of the museums.