EMEE workshop for museum professionals on “bridging the gap” took place at the Bulgarian National Polytechnic Museum on 28th June 2016

On June 28 2016 at National Polytechnic Museum, partner of the National Museum of History Sofia (NMH), took place another EMEE workshop for museum professionals on “bridging the gap”.

Participants were welcomed by the director of NPTM Dr. Catherine Tsekova who shared best practices from the experience of  museum with visitors activation and participation.

Madlen Yaneva – expert public relations NPTM – drew attention to the ways in which museums change their role and enable a growing range of different people to enjoy the cultural offerings.

Anna Yanina – consultant of NMH in EMEE – presented the research on (Non-) visitors generated by EMEE consortium member Università Roma Tre and held practical part of the activities.

The EMEE Team of Bulgaria thanked colleagues for active participation.