‘All roads lead to Rome’: ‘Experiencing the Change of Perspective’ with post graduate students and Master´s students at the Università Roma Tre, 16th-20th May 2016.

Last week (16th-20th May) the Università Roma Tre á held a EuroVisionLab‬. with the students of the post graduate courses “Standards in museum education” and “Cultural mediation in museums” and with the Master’s students of the EMEE Study Module. The EMEE project was the focus of this week of engaging activities, that for the post graduates culminated in a group work session held to prepare a brand new exemplary unit.

Meeting point of theory and practice, an exemplary unit is a sample module of exhibition designed to help national and regional museums understand the concrete potential of the EMEE Changes of Perspective (CoP). One of the Italian exemplary units was based on a watercolor representing the Appian Way and interpreted the roman road system as instrument of encounter – and sometimes clash – among European cultures.

The Via Appia is one of the most praised sections of the ancient roman road network, that across the centuries witnessed the connections among different European cultures. First in the classical antiquity, as instrument of the dominion of Rome, then through the Middle Ages, as path of pilgrimage to the holy city, and lastly to modernity, as part of the Grand Tour in which European gentlemen completed their education.

Roma Tre students built their own exemplary exhibition, inspired by the exemplary unit “All roads lead to Rome” and of course by the tour on the Appian Way organized for Tuesday the 17th. An exemplary unit that will reinterpret museum objects from a European trans-regional perspective, designing participatory activities, scenography ideas and social web strategies. The unit will be presented in the last session of the course, on the 11th of June.