Bridging the gap between the museum and its social distant friends: An initiative of the National Museum of History, Sofia, Bulgaria

The “gap” between the museum and its socially distant friends was bridged through the joint initiative of the National Museum of History, Bulgaria, and the Local Juvenile Crime and Delinquency Prevention Commission of Mladost District that was oriented to underprivileged children and juvenile delinquents.

The program has been running for the second year. Its aim is to implement effective preventive measures through meaningful free time activities in the summer vacation.

The youngsters were very enthusiastic about participating in the Follow the Road test-based game and discovered, with the assistance if their leader Tanya Yanakieva, the European dimensions of objects.

Vera Kerelezova, the museum’s ethnographer, explained to them the traditional rituals related to the end of the harvest period and the so-called “hot days” in Bulgaria and their equivalents in some European countries.

The table for the lunch for all that followed was laid with all products that used to be eaten on the field.

The afternoon activities were in the children’s training centre where, assisted by animators, the participants were able to play roles – potters, feltmakers and other craftsmen.

The effect was not only better understanding of our national history, traditions and culture. For the young adults, that was also the successful beginning of developing their teamwork, communication and experience-sharing skills. The program will be active till the end of July.