First EuroVision Lab.’s catalogue is here! The National Museum of Contemporary History in Ljubljana/Slovenia reflects the whole process of its EuroVision Lab. in a catalogue.

EuroVision Lab. in Ljubljana is one out of total seven experimental processes, in which EMEE projects strives to place in practice, what we have been developing for almost three years. The one in Ljubljana is an experimental exhibition with emphasis on participation with the non-visitors and cooperation between the various museums on the base of our multi-layered cultural heritage.
The exhibition is a reflection of a working process with on one hand a group of young adults, who represent the largest non-visitor group in the National Museum of Contemporary History; and on the other hand with a group of museum experts from various museums. Eventually, both groups have met after the workshops for a set of “museum speed dating game” where the usual roles and relationship between the public and museums was turned upside down. From the speed dating game, where all the museum objects were presented from a new perspective, the young have chosen their top five transnational objects and prepared an exhibition concept – titled The Time Capsule.
We tried to capture this so called One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions moto of the EuroVision Lab. and explain the whole process also in a catalogue, which is presented here today, available for you to read. We hope you will enjoy the reading.


cover catalogue