‘Connecting and overcoming the boundaries between visitors and museums: presentation of the project EuroVision Museums Exhibiting Europe (EMEE)’ in the Museum of Contemporary History Celje/ Slovenia on March 31st 2016

On the last day of March, the Slovenian part of the team went to EMEE working group member in Celje, where they presented the EMEE project. They highlighted the role of museums, as carriers of heritage and memories, which contribute to the response of social change. They also emphasized the multi-layered dimensions of transnational objects and that museums can play with representing them in different ways in order to enable the visitors with better experiences. After all, museums strive to attract visitors and non-visitors.

The workshop was attended mostly by representatives of various regional museums and some owners of private collections in the eastern part of Slovenia. The debate that followed in the end, presented specific examples of good practice in Slovenian museums, which had, with the integration of different individuals, in a different way presented the museum heritage.

Participants of the workshop were able at the same time to see a part of the EuroVision Lab. exhibition, which is currently hosted at the Museum of Contemporary History in Celje. Celje is not the only place where the exhibition will be hosted. Currently, arrangements for hosting the exhibition are held with the Museum of Gorica, while the Posavje Museum Brežice has already agreed to host EuroVision Lab. exhibition in June. In addition, the arrangements for workshops and EMEE project presentations are in the stage of negotiation.