Workshop ‘Museums as Social Arenas’: Presentation of the project EuroVision – Museums Exhibiting Europe (EMEE) at the Museum of Gorica/ Slovenia on April 21st at 10:00

Museums are constantly forced to respond to new social changes and requirements. With its activities they can contribute to improve social harmony and are tuned to society through cultural heritage, which is kept, recorded in the memory of the people as relevant contemporary institutions. Today, needs for museums to tune-in, integrate and work with vulnerable groups are growing, the project EMEE – EuroVision: Museums Exhibiting Europe developed a set of workshops which assist in the daily work of the museums.

The workshop ‘Museums as a Social arenas’ will contribute to participants to deepen practical example in actively preparing the programs for vulnerable groups in museums.

It will run at the Museo of Gorica on April 21st at 10.00!

The Museum of Gorica will also be hosting the Slovene EuroVision Lab. exhibition from April 18th until May 11th 2016.