‘Etat modifie de conscience’, Jérôme Progin’s exhibition at La Maison de la Bataille de la Peene: Performing the ‘Change of Perspective’ concerning the EMEE exemplary unit “European money, 27/04/16 to 27/05/16

This activity proposes the exhibition of a contemporary artist, Jérôme Progin, who proposes a ‘Change of Perspective’ concerning the EMEE exemplary unit “European money” and workshops with target groups.

As a part of his solo exhibition at the Maison de la Bataille de la Peene, Jérôme Progin offers his view on European money. Jérôme Provin is inspired by old coins present in the museum’s collections. He proposes an allegory on Europe. The central theme is a large chimney where there is a painting with a masked man symbolizing « the Europe we are living with high-ranking persons a bit disdainful. The shingles represent the Peene river. Copper wires are hung to the stones, they hire to the painting. On each of them we can observe coins from the European countries.

A workshop with young migrants has been organized around the image of star (Europe), and the young pupils from IME has drawn according their own ideas. With his workshops, he proposes to allow the participants to discover our shared European culture, concerning history of money in Europe.

The exhibition and the workshops has been co-organised by Espace36, Maison de la Bataille de la Peene and UPEC-ESPE.


Poster Vernissage [Download]

Poster Exhibition [Download]