EuroVision Lab. hands-on activity: ‘Roman Lusitania Piece by Piece: a new look to the past’ at the National Museum of Archeology in Lisbon/ Portugal, 22nd April 2016

As part of the activity A21 ‘EuroVision Lab.’, and taking advantage of the celebration of the Day of the National Museum of Archaeology on 22nd April, the EMEE Portuguese partner developed the hands-on activity ‘Roman Lusitania Piece by Piece: a new look to the past’, targeting the general public.

This activity was directly related to the temporary exhibition ‘Roman Lusitania. Origin of Two Peoples’, which displays some contact points with the EMEE project (namely the Roman figurative mosaic, depicting a fish) and was complemmented by the activity ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, held in the same space, the museum entrance.

Visitors were invited to reflect on the Romanization and the Roman legacy, by asking them to answer the following questions: ‘Which elements of the Roman legacy do you identify in today’s Europe?’.

The answers were varied, referring to displayed objects, such as tiles and plumbing (symbolizing the construction techniques and the creation of a city model), urban construction (roads and bridges) directly related with artifacts such as milestones, or the monetary system (materialized in the displayed coins).

Legislation was also mentioned – there are some examples in the exhibition ‘Roman Lusitania. Origin of Two Peoples’ – as an example of the Roman legacy that can be identified in Europe, and the existence of a common language (Latin), which is the basis of many of the languages spoken in Europe and in the World.

Because it was a festive day in the National Museum of Archaeology, some museum staff members were also challenged to get involved and play an ‘EMEE domino’, inspired on the exhibition ‘Roman Lusitania. Origin of Two Peoples’.

Within this context, they had the opportunity to contact with the Exemplary Units of the other EMEE partners, such as the Zeigerpointer (presented on the Eurobarometer).