‘Intrigo’, Marie Hendriks’ exhibition and workshops at the Hotel Sandelin Museum. Performing the “ EMEE Change of Perspective” concerning the EMEE exemplary unit “Chinoiserie”, 01/02/16 to 31/05/16;

This activity proposes the exhibition of a contemporary artist, Marie Hendriks, who proposes a Change of Perspective concerning the exemplary unit “Chinoiserie” and workshops with target groups.

As a part of her solo exhibition at the Sandelin museum, Marie Hendriks offers her view on chinoiserie ceramics. Her Fu-Meng photography’s are shown within the museum at the ceramic department.

Her works are related with the discovery of places, events or elements that conjure up a double imaginary. The artiste questions the mutations between western and eastern culture throw by staging her adopted niece at the Chinese pavilion at Brussels. The same kind of cultural transmutations between Chinese porcelain and Delfs Blauw are displayed specially for the EMEE project at Sandelin’s ceramic department. Multiform and abundance allow re-examining the museum’s collection. You will never see them the same way again!

With her workshops, she proposes to allow the participants to discover our shared European culture, concerning the historical links between Europe and China.