Cultural heritage controversial. Challenges for museums in the 21st century. EuroVision Lab lectures series and seminar for master students in Augsburg/ Germany gave a lot of impulses.

Within the framework of the EuroVision Lab. of the EMEE project the Chair of History Didactics at Augsburg University organized the lecture series ‘Kulturerbe Kontrovers. Herausforderungen für Museen im 21. Jahrhundert’ (English: Cultural heritage controversial. Challenges for museums in the 21st century) which started on 29 October 2015 and ran until 28 January 2016. The series raised the question of what museums would like to become in future: temple of the Muses, integrative element in a diversifying society, place of social engagement? Seven international interdisciplinary lecturers have been invited and gave keynotes on various topics as e.g. museum ethics, participative museum programmes or exhibition design.

All keynotes tied on topics relevant within the EMEE project, focussing on the implementation its main concept; the Change of Perspective. Especially the question of how audiences could be involved more strongly into the museum work and thereby initiate a switch of roles between heritage professionals and museum users was discussed. The lecture series was generously supported by the Kunstsammlungen und Museen Augsburg (English: Art Collections and Museums Augsburg) as all keynote speeches took place in the beautiful setting of the Schaezlerpalais. Surrounded by baroque paintings the audience listened to seven lectures and discussed the topics with the lecturer.

The series was completed by a seminar held for master students (master programme Mediating Culture) at the Chair of History Didactics that deepened the topics and gave students the opportunity to delve into current discourses more detailed. The audience mainly was composed of students and museum experts who engaged in lively discussions and got valuable inputs for their future work.
29.10.2015 Prof. h.c. Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz (President ICOM): Auftrag, Ethik und Werte. Herausforderungen und Verantwortung für Museen in unserer heutigen Zeit (Mission, ethics and values. Challenges and responsibilities for museums nowadays)

05.11.2015 Dr. Udo Gößwald (Museum Neukölln, Berlin): Die Resonanz der Dinge (Resonance of things)

19.11.2015 Isolde Parussel M.A. (Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund): Stadtgeschichte für alle. Die Dortmunder Münsterstrasse ausgestellt (History of cities for everyone. Dortmund’s Münsterstrasse exhibited)

03.12.2015 Léontine Meijer – van Mensch (Museum of European Cultures, Berlin): Ein partizipatives und dialogisches Museum; wieso, weshalb und warum? (A participative and dialogic museum; why and wherefore?)

17.12.2015 Prof. Neil Forbes (Coventry University): Continuity and Change in Europe’s Cultural Heritage

14.01.2016 Dipl. Arch. /M. Phil. Tom Duncan (Duncan McCauley): Kulturerbe inszenieren (Staging cultural heritage)

28.01.2016 Doris Hefner M.A.: Inklusion, Partizipation und viele Möglichkeiten – Kulturvermittlung im 21. Jahrhundert (Inclusion, participation and many possibilities – Mediating culture in the 21st century)