Briding the ‘Museum-School-Gap’. EuroVision Lab. workshop for teachers of History and museum professionals at the National Museum of History, Sofia/ Bulgaria held on 18th November 2015

‘Bridging the Museum-School Gap’ was the title of a workshop in the National Museum of History in Sofia/ Bulgaria in the framework of the EuroVision Lab. The participants were experts from Sofia City Regional Inspectorate of Education (RIE), teachers of history in schools in Sofia and museums professionals.

The key presentation was the experimental exhibition ‘The Fragility of Tolerance’ and the synaesthetic method on which it is based as an approach to better success in learning the school material in history related to the Holocaust. One of the discussion topics was related to more possibilities for joint initiatives, open lessons and activities that will enable direct participation of school students in EuroVision Labs.

We are grateful to Sofia City RIE – one of our associated partners for taking the initiative for that useful meeting, and also to all teachers, who participated in it.

Special gratitude for the compliments and the sincere congratulations to the EMEE team that realized ‘The Fragility of Tolerance’ exhibition. For us, that was the most valuable recognition.