EuroVision Lab. conference ‘Una prospettiva internazionale per i musei europei. Il progetto EMEE – EuroVision Museums Exhibiting Europe’ – Rome next February 19th.

This international conference day has been organized by the Museum Education Centre, Università degli Studi Roma Tre to disseminate the EMEE n project to the general public and to museum professionals. It will present the EMEE project, highlighting its main features on the general background of the European policies for research and education on cultural heritage.

In the first part, the main areas of EMEE intervention will be introduced through the concrete case of the Exemplary Unit ‘All roads lead to Rome’, designed by the Italian partner and centered on the Appian Way, conceived as a mean of cultural encounter through the centuries. The main museum object of the Exemplary Unit – a ‪‎watercolor representing the Appian Way, painted by the 19th century Roman artist Ettore Roesler Franz – will be introduced by the great-grandson of the artist together with the director of the Museo di Roma in Trastevere. The original watercolor will be presented to the public, and will help introducing the Appian Way as a mean of cultural encounter through the centuries.

In the second part, after an introduction to Roma Tre University europrojectation policy and on the European funding on education on cultural heritage, the EMEE Project Leader – Universität Augsburg – will introduce the EMEE project in its objectives, phases, methods and results. The day will be closed by dr. Kaja Sirok, responsible of the Muzej novejše zgodovine Slovenije – the Slovene EMEE partner –, that will introduce the challenge of the EuroVision Lab‬.