EMEE EuroVision Lab. symposium with museum professionals – Presentation adapted to a wider audience, 17th June 2015, Rome/Italy

On June 17th 2015, Roman museum professionals were invited to participate in a Symposium organized by the Centro di Didattica Museale of the University of Roma Tre to introduce the EMEE project and share views on the challenges of the museum of the future.
The tools and guidelines of the EMEE project were explained in details to an audience of Italian museum and cultural operators, some of whom joined from Roma Tre’s workgroup partner system (Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna and Coopculture). These guidelines were introduced through the concrete example of the workshop carried out during the first EuroVision Lab. organized by the Centro di Didattica Museale, entitled ‘Experiencing the EMEE Change of Perspective’ (11th-15th May 2015). This workshop was aimed at producing a number of operative museum mediation tools designed by students of Roma Tre post graduate courses to implement the EMEE changes of perspective.
The symposium was also attended by international academics, such as prof. Han Van der Meer of the Delft University of Technology. This expert in creative processes and innovative entrepreneurship shared his observations on the project objectives and methods. These suggestions sparkled an interesting discussion among museum professionals that have also shared their views, manifesting their interest in the project for future cooperations.