Vernissage of the EuroVision Lab. Exhibition ‘European traces in Marktoberdorf’ on 18th March 2016 in Markoberdorf/ Germany.

On 18th March our EuroVision Lab. partner, the city museum Marktoberdorf, opened the exhibition ‘Europäische Spuren in Marktoberdorf’ [European traces in Marktoberdorf]. The curator and museum director Josephine Heddergott will change the perspective on the county town by analyzing – supposed to be – typically local objects. For this, many objects out of the extensive collection were presented to the public for the first time. Nine different accesses – starting with fashionable, artistic and religious traces, going to trading connections and traces of migration – provide the framework for the multi-perspective presentation of the regional objects, which revealed their European history in this special exhibition.

This project, mainly dealing with EMEE’s Change of Perspective 1 – the re-interpretation and multi-perspective presentation of objects – was supported by the EMEE project financially and substantially. The successful and well-attended exhibition opening gathered Marktoberdorf’s citizens and was accompanied by the chamber orchestra of the local Gymnasium [grammar school], which is specialized in art and music.

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