Report about the opening of the EuroVision Lab. exhibition ‘About having to leave…and arrive’ at the city museum Kaufbeuren/ Germany on 17th March 2017

On 17th March the city museum Kaufbeuren opened the exhibition ‘Vom Wegmüssen… und Ankommen’ [About having to leave… and arriving]. The photo exhibition about personal stories of migration was accompanied by a participatory project of a group of citizens of Kaufbeuren sharing their experiences with migration and arriving or leaving Kaufbeuren. The group designed one part of the exhibition called ‘Kaufbeurens Geschichte weitererzählen’ [Keep telling Kaufbeuren’s history], supported and lead by curator Dr. Frauke Miera.

The group evaluated how migration and stories about were represented in the city museum and then analysed how the city would look like without migration. This project, mainly dealing with EMEE’s Change of Perspective 2 – the modification of roles between visitors and museum staff – was supported by the EMEE project financially and substantially. The project group slipped into the role of museum curators and brought aspects of a socially viral topic into the museum that have not been displayed like this before. The successful and well-attended exhibition opening gathered Kaufbeuren’s citizens with different backgrounds and was accompanied by the music group ‘Aggenstein’.

The exhibition and participatory project was featured in Allgäu TV in the daily news, the video can be watched online: