Un’applicazione del progetto EMEE: l’espressione del corpo come cambio di prospettiva multiculturale. EMEE Workshop will run at the University of RomaTre on 17th May 2016

Next tuesday May 17th, the University of Roma Tre will host a workshop based on the EMEE  project! An initiative held by Gilberto Scaramuzzo – member of the Italian EMEE team – in partnership with the Master in pedagogia dell’espressione and MimesisLab.

The workshop will have an interactive nature, guiding participants to approach museum artworks through a ‘mimetic’ attitude, that is to say enacting european artwork to develop intercultural encounters through the expression of the body in space.

The activities will consist of:
• Preparatory exercises for the activity of body expression;
• Body mimesis with artwork of different cultural matrix;
• Interaction and play of the different mimetic interpretations