‘Synaestetic translation of the perspective’. EMEE Lab. Workshop run sucessfully in the National Museum of History in Sofia on December 16th 2015.

On December 16th 2015 in the National Museum of History was held workshop ‘Synaestetic translation of the perspective’. The participants were museum experts, artists, scenographers, designers and partners of NMH in EMEE. They were shown two approaches for presenting a museum object: traditional (applied in the temporary exhibition ‘The Birth of Christ’) and scenographic (in the ‘The Fragility of Tolerance’ experimental exhibition).
During the workshop were discussed the EMEE concepts for multilayer presentation of the exhibits, the new interpretation of museum objects showing the complex multiperspective of the historical significance. Also the positioning of the visitor in the center of the museum activities and the modern methods of museum scenography.
Most of the colleagues shared the opinion that the scenographic way of exhibiting of the objects and implementation of the music, visual effects and aromas help the visitors to fully experience with all sences. According to others these new forms are suitable, but are needed additional funding, which makes it difficult for application in the Bulgarian museums and galleries.
The participants unified around the opinion that the new approaches to the museum objects gives the visitors chance to rethink and live through the exhibition.
The shared opinions and comments were very helpful.
The EMEE thanks to all its partners for the partnership through the years.