EuroVision Lab. activities of the University of Augsburg: Opening of two Lab. exhibitions in one week! Two partner museums present their results of the EuroVison Lab. phase on 17th and 18th March 2016

Augsburg/ Germany – Within the scope of the EMEE Lab. activities, the EMEE consortium is happy to announce two new upcoming exhibitions: On 17th March 2016, the exhibition ‘About having to leave … and arriving’ shown in the Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren and one day later, on 18th March 2016 the Stadtmuseum Marktoberdorf opens the exhibition ‘European traces in Marktoberdorf’!

Augsburg University as co-ordinator of the EMEE project already started the EuroVision Lab. phase with different activities: several workshops and seminars for students and museum experts were followed by a public series of lectures, where well-known international experts in the museum field presented recent developments in their area. Furthermore, the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund initiated the series ‘European object of the month’ and curated a special exhibition on migration. With the vernissages of the two innovative museum projects – supported by the EMEE project – the EuroVision Lab. activities of the Augsburg team reach a new level.

The city museum of Marktoberdorf analysed its collection and found with the support of the EMEE Toolkit 1 many different European accesses within – supposed to be – typically local objects. The curator and museum director Josephine Heddergott presents with the help of nine different accesses – starting with fashionable, artistic and religious traces, going to trading connections and traces of migration, European traces on local museum objects to a wider public. To make the public curious about the exhibition, the curator published in collaboration with the local newspaper a series on ‘local European objects’, in which each time one typical bavarian object revealed its european history.

About 15 kilometers up north, the city museum of Kaufbeuren is also associated partner of the EMEE project. The seventhies anniversary of Neugablonz, a city district of Kaufbeuren, founded by expellees after the Second World War, is the starting point for the special exhibition ‘About having to leave … and arriving’. This touring exhibition presents the topic of migration and is expanded by stories narrated by locals. Furthermore, members of local communities present their own impressions on migration experiences, share their views on Kaufbeuren and the city museum. The community group met several weekends to discuss and reflect their own views on Kaufbeuren and to transform their ideas into an exhibition. They were supported by Frauke Miera (Miera|Bluche, Berlin) and Petra Weber, the director of the Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren. The focus of the project in Kaufbeuren is on integrating multicultural Europe (Toolkit 2) and on activation, participation and role-modification (Toolkit 3).

You are cordially invited to visit the exhibitions:
Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren presents the special exhibition from 17th March until 3rd July 2016.
Stadtmuseum Marktoberdorf presents the special exhibition from 18th March until 24rd April 2016.


Further informations:

  • Poster exhibition ‘About having to leave … and arriving’, Kaufbeuren [DOWNLOAD]
  • Flyer exhibition ‘About having to leave … and arriving’, Kaufbeuren [DOWNLOAD]
  • Press release exhibition ‘About having to leave … and arriving’, Kaufbeuren [DOWNLOAD]
  • Poster exhibition ‘European traces in Marktoberdorf’ [DOWNLOAD]
  • Flyer exhibition ‘European traces in Marktoberdorf’ [DOWNLOAD]