The Mapping Process was an inventory taking activity in the beginning of the EMEE-project, selecting and analyzing best practice examples for ‘making Europe visible’ in national and regional museums. Moreover, lists of current research projects and publications about the topics ‘European perspectives in regional and national museums’, ‘bridging the social gap’ and ‘integrating the (non)-visitors’ have been compiled. All in all, the results of the mapping process, which are published on this website, provide an overview about the museum discourse concerning the EMEE topics in the year 2013.

1.    Introduction
2.    Overview about selected practice examples
3.    Selected examples

3.1    Making Europe visible (School of perception) [Toolkit 1]
3.2    Integrating multicultural Europe (social arena) [Toolkit 2]
3.3    Bridging-the-gap (Activation, participation and role modification) [Toolkit 3]
3.4    Synaesthetic translation of perspectives [Toolkit 4]
3.5    Social Web and Interaction [Toolkit 5]

4.    List of research projects
5.    List of references