EuroVision Lab. workshop in Italy: ‘One Object – Many Visions – EuroVision. Nuove prospettive nella comunicazione museale’ run sucessfully at the Museo Nazionale Romano – Terme di Diocleziano, Rome/ Italy.

The Centro di Didattica Museale – Università degli Studi Roma Tre, developed a shortened version of the Workshop n.1, entitled One Object, Many Visions, EuroVision. The activities of this Workshop are based on COP and Toolkit 1. Its target are museum professionals interested in experiencing the EMEE Changes of Perspective. In particular the CoP related to the ‘Europeanization’ of the museum object.

In order to ensure an effective and productive workday, the number of participants was fixed to 15, even though the CDM registered more than 30 subscription requests. For this reason the Italian partner may repeat the experience within the academic year to include those who could not make it.

Morning Session

During the weeks prior to the Workshop, the participants – young museum professionals and curators from all over the country – have been provided with a very brief summary of the main EMEE COPs, and asked to choose an object from the collection they currently work in. An object that, in their view, could have a European relevance. The ‘Working Session A’ – a ‘warm up’ for the afternoon session – focused on these 15 objects. After a short presentation made by each participant the eight categories developed in the Toolkit 1 were introduced. Then the participants were asked to match the chosen objects to these categories in order to start applying this new perspective on materials they work with everyday.

Afternoon Session

In the afternoon session, the participants were divided into five groups each one of which was assigned an object of the Museo Nazionale Romano – Terme di Diocleziano collection. Objects that were introduced also thanks to the presence of a staff member of this EMEE Working Group Partner. Then the participants were invited to implement a new presentation of the object that could enlighten a transnational perspective. Participants were asked to develop a museum mediation tool that could display different scales of intervention on the European level. Finally, in an itinerant choral session, the participants were asked to present their object, opening a public discussion on the feasibility of the EMEE efforts.

In the end, the participants were given an interview to register an anonymous feedback.


Programme [DOWNLOAD]