Warm-up for the EuroVision Lab. in Bulgaria: Museum Experts in Bulgaria applaud “EuroVision. Museums Exhibiting Europe” at a sequence of three training workshops.


Bulgarian museum experts were informed in detail about “EuroVision. Museums Exhxibiting Europe” (EMEE) at a sequence of training workshops.  They were organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria that supported the NMH initiative to organize the events.  The goal of those workshops was to inform the museum community about the subjects and tasks the project team works on and also to clarify the future EuroVision Lab. related activities.

Details of good European practices, museum object reinterpretation, approaches designed to bridge the gap between museums and their audiences and to improve the work with visitors with special needs, and the opportunities offered by the modern social media were presented by Prof. Dr. Tsvetana Kyoseva, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valya Marazova, Anna Yanina, Madlen Yaneva, Stoyanka Yanakieva and Petar Stefanov in three training events.  They were held at institutions that are EMEE associated partners to NMH: Plovdiv Regional Museum of Archaeology (for museum professionals from Southern Bulgaria), Hr. Tsokev Art Gallery in Gabrovo (for museum professionals from Northern Bulgaria) and the National Palace of Culture in Sofia (for representatives from Sofia, North West and South West Bulgaria). Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boni Petrunova, Deputy Minister of Culture, was present in person at the working meeting in Sofia.  She expressed her high appreciation of the EMEE project and her best wishes to the partners for success in their joint efforts.  A total of 123 museum representatives were trained and were given training participation certificates.  The assessment of the workshops based on an anonymous questionnaire was highly positive: they were defined as extremely useful, innovative and focused on practical implementation, professionally held and brilliantly organized.

A direct effect of the training was the development of a special version of the Follow this Road initiative offered by NMH as part of the EuroVision Labs., which was made by the museum experts of the Elhovo Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology, Shumen Regional Museum of History and Sevlievo Museum of History and Art Gallery.  The game was tested in the European Night of Museums. The task for the visitors was to find the European dimensions of certain objects and to get more information about their trans-regional meaning. The experiment provoked exceptionally high interest and a lot of fun. The participants were given special European certificates and prizes.

NMH’s network of partners was enlarged with the museums in Hisarya, Pomorie, Karlovo, Elhovo, Brazigovo, Sevlievo, Velingrad, Shipka-Buzludzha National Park Museum, the National Polytechnic Museum and the National Palace of Culture.