Warm-up for the EuroVision Lab. in Italy: Experiencing the EMEE Change of Perspective, Museo Nazionale Romano – Terme di Diocleziano, 11th-15th May 2015, Rome/Italy

In collaboration with Museo Nazionale Romano – Terme di Diocleziano the students of the Roma Tre post graduate course (mostly young museum professionals) has been guided in the implementation of a laboratory activity based on the tools and guidelines of the EMEE project. The activity has had the following structure:

After a general introduction to the theoretical background of the EMEE project (the three Changes of Perspective and the four Toolkits) the students have visted  the Museo Nazionale Romano – Terme di Diocleziano  and have been invited to articulate a museum education programme to be implemented in the Working Group Partner institution. The students have selected one or more museum objects from the collection of the host institution and have been invited to fill up a simplified version of Exemplary Units template, encompassing all the major fields of EMEE intervention. The general aim has been the realization of a number of fully operative museum mediation tools with a clear focus on the operational level and not only on the theoretical one (project design, selection of the categories of visitors, choice of the objects, outline of the exhibition contents, design of evaluation tools).

The outcome of the workshop, together with a general introduction to the EMEE EuroVision Labs. will be presented in ICOM CECA Conference in Washington D.C. (September 2015) and in a public event to be held at the Museo Nazionale Romano Terme di Diocleziano in September/October 2015.