Change your perspective: Grade 7 students in the role of young history researchers. EuroVision Lab. Workshop at the National Museum of History, Sofia/ Bulgaria

Grade 7 students from Drita Private Comprehensive Secondary School took the roles of young history researchers.

They had the task to ‘discover’ genuine evidences of the presence of Jewish population on the territory of Bulgaria 2000 years ago.

The research site was ‘The Fragile of Tolerance’ new exhibition in the National Museum of History in Bulgaria.

The young adults, organized in groups, had to present: the origination of the Jewish communities, their specific organization and community affairs management, their religion, customs and traditions; to try to find parallels to the Jewish Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukah and Pesach in the Bulgarian celebrations, the reasons for the Crystal Night on 9-10 November 1938, the Holocaust, the resistance of the Bulgarians and other nations against the deportation of Jews, Yad Vashem Memorial and the Righteous among Nations.

In the brakes, the girls preferred to play dreidel, a much-loved game in the time of Hanukah, and shared the walnuts, while the boys visited the improvised cinema to see the ideas of the young scenographers in the visiting EMEE Young Scenographers Exhibition in the framework of the EuroVision Lab.

At the discussion that followed, the subject of tolerance was commented in a new way that reflected the events in the past.

At the end, the participants and their teacher Mrs. Atanasova shared their impressions and left a note in the Visitors Book:
‘Thank you! It was fantastic and impressive. I also thank you for the efforts to get the boys and girls involved in history research and make them part of it.’