Culture day closed Slovene EuroVision Lab. with a Children’s workshop at the National Museum of Contemporary History in Ljubljana.

3 December is a national culture day in Slovenia, when every cultural institutions opens its doors to the visitors for free and offers special programmes for the little visitors and the bigger ones as well.
This year, National Museum of Contemporary History presented a children’s workshops deriving from the multi-layered objects, presented in the main part of the EuroVision Lab. Ljubljana – the Time Capsule.
The museum tried to offer the children a fun experience in the museum, which is not strictly related to the school curriculum, however filled with knowledge and stories of the transnational objects presented.
They have gotten to know the stories the objects carry, and were able to decide, which the object that touched them the most was. Later they made their version of the favourite object they could take home in the end. The workshops were ran by one of the young co-authors of the EuroVision Lab.
It was amazing to see so many happy children, playing, learning through having fun and being able to explore the exhibition room, play a role game and feel the past presented in the Time Capsule.