Warm-Up to the Portuguese EuroVision Lab.: The National Museum of Archeology Lisbon/ Portugal started its Lab with the Workshop ‘Social Web and Interaction’ on 26th October 2016 sucessfully.

More than 50 people came to Museu Nacional de Arqueologia to attend the Warm-Up EuroVision Lab‬. workshop‬ ‘Social Web and Interaction’ , which took place on October 26th.

EMEE Portuguese Team Members António Carvalho (MNA’s Director), Luís Raposo, Mário Antas, and XM Corporation de Ricardo Simões speaked about the EMEE Project, Open source Software‬, Digital communication, Web Dissemination Strategies, Facebook, and Twitter.

All seats for this event were reserved in just three days, but there will be another chance in 2016 during the EuroVision Lab. with a new format, new program, and duration up to 8 hours.

Click ‪#‎EMEEMNAWS‬ and take a look at some of the work done in this workshop ‘wink’-Emoticon