Warm-Up to the Portuguese EuroVision Lab.: The National Museum of Archeology Lisbon/ Portugal presented its second Lab. workshop ‘Multiple Senses of a Museum – The Importance of Scenography in Museums’ on 9th November 2015.

The Warm-Up EuroVision Lab. Workshop ‘Multiple Senses of a Museum – The Importance of Scenography in Museums’, took place on 9 November at the Main Hall of the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia.

The meeting was introduced by the Director of the institution, António Carvalho, who welcome the guests.

The EMEE Portuguese Team coordinator Mario Antas, presented the basics of the project and Luis Raposo, responsible for the MNA’s Research Sector and Vice President of ICOM Europe framed the session with an approach to the theme ‘The exhibition in museums as an educational resource’.

Then Carla Ventura, member of the EMEE Portuguese team started the practical session.

The session was attended by about 20 participants from various institutions throughout the morning, divided into two parts, a first and a second theoretical practice, the workshop intended to address multiple directions that can take a museum, in order to promote interaction and participation of users.

Participants were invited to discuss and propose museum solutions, following the criteria and guidelines proposed under scenography.