Opening of the EuroVision Lab. Exhibition: ‘Zeigerpointer. The wonderful World of Absence’ at the the Nomad Museum in Lindabrunn/ Lower-Austria, running 15.4. – 8.5. 2016

‘What is the point(ing)?’.


This question lies at the center of Austrian art and theory collective monochrom’s art-collection ‘Zeigerpointer’ (www.monochrom.at/zeigerpointer). It assambles oil-paintings that – comissioned by monochrom to reflect the globalization’s means of production – were copy-painted in China; the original pictures stemming from regional newspapers depicting eye witnesses pointing at the scene of a past action, without anything else indicating that something had happened. In the light of the exhibition design tools ‘Changes of Perspective’ (developed by the EU-cultural-project ‘EuroVision – European Museums Exhibiting Europe (EMEE)’) master-students from the University for Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM Graz (Master ‘Exhibition Design’) created a multiperspectival and multimedial display that pays respect to the visitor as well as to the exhibited objects.

The exhibition opens April 15th – 7 p.m.

Applications for the free shuttle-service from Vienna – only on April 15th – are very welcome!


Description of the exhibition:
One of the most peculiar visual imagery of (Austrian) regional journalism lies at the center of an exhibition by the Viennese art and theory collective monochrom in cooperation with students from the Master program ‘Exhibition Design’ from the FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences Graz and the transcultural EU project ‘Eurovision. Museums Exhibiting Europe’ (EMEE) . The exhibition is located within the atmospheric realm of the symposium Lindabrunn (Lower Austria).
The Zeigerpointer (a German-English word-mix tautology that we feel free to give birth to) is the most penurious form of capitulation in the print media. Various people, predominantly in local newspapers or magazines of regional interest, are forced by photographers armed with Zeiss-lenses to indicate occurrences. These people have to point at things. With their bare hands! They have to present occurrences that withdraw themselves through their absence, through optical expiration or simply the course of time.
In order to provide the phenomenon with the frame it needs to be subjected to emphatic involvement, the scanned newspaper images (www.monochrom.at/zeigerpointer) were copied by chinese painters (‘copy painters’) in oil on 1,4x1m canvas. Those oil paintings are the center pieces of the exhibition ‘Zeigerpointer. The wonderful world of Absence’.
The main discourses the collection ‘Zeigerpointer’ reflects on are the pointing gesture within the European cultural and art history as well as the effects of the globalisation on the art market. The ‘change of perspective’ lies at the centre of the exhibition’s scenography: Museums objects are – in the spirit of this new exhibition theory – interpreted as carriers of European narratives. Furthermore, the young exhibition designers aim at participation of the audience on the one hand and international/ transcultural networking of their ideas on the other.
In the middle of the autonomous, peaceful atmosphere created by the symposium Lindabrunn, experimental experts of scenografic communication play on five exhibition spaces. Inspiring visual communication, exciting mediation of the central objects and innovative interactive approaches narrate in ‘Zeigerpointer. The wonderful world of absence’ lively stories behin the media phenomenon.
Additional offer: school workshops and special tours for school classes (free of charge)
(1) objects as migrants: transcultural aspects of museum objects
(2) cultural history of the pointing gesture: The power of the pointing gesture
(3) globalisation: contemporary means of production

Applications: Johanna Haigl (0676-7455013 / forum@symposion-lindabrunn.at)

Realisation: Clara Gallistl (Mag.a) und Johanna Haigl

EMEE – Museums Exhibition Europe